Technology and Friends

I have had an amazing thought. Recently, I have met Jenni in person. In theory, her body is more challenged than mine, but she is so independent in many areas that I am dependent in. I am amazed to see what she is able to do for herself. Because of her injury, she has no use of her hands, but she can driver her power wheelchair and write her own blog, and write her own papers using technology. She has written about it on her blogpage, (thesitethatbreathes) which is linked to mine. I was so amazed by what she can do.

She is a motivational speaker, she goes to schools and events where she shares her insights and stories.  I hope to go to one of her events soon. I am so inspired by her.

If it were not for technology, we would never have met. It is because of our blogpages that we found each other. I hope to be able to use her system that will allow me to communicate faster. I am pausing a lot when I type, because the person who writes down what I say, often has trouble keeping up with me.  It is hard for me to keep starting and stopping. I really want to try my friends system sometime soon to see if it will help us.

Love, Karly


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    Sandy said,

    Oh Karly, that would be awesome!!!! Keep us posted!!!

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