A Holiday That’s Past

There was much to do at our house this past week. We had lots of company. We had two Christmas celebrations. My sister was home from Ohio with her boyfriend, his daughter and their dog. I always look forward to seeing her.  She has the life I thought I would want. I wanted to go to college, and be independent like she has been able to do. She is very talented. She can prepare meals, teach college classes and have her own home.  It is a passion of hers to play piano and viola, so she performs with a professional orchestra.  I thought I would want this for myself.

My life is very different than hers, but now I wouldn’t trade mine for hers.  I have found a place for my life in this world.  My place is not to teach at a University, but to simply share my story and experiences.  I have almost 16,000 hits to my blogpage as of today.  It gives me inspriation to know as hard as my life can be, that it offers hope and encouragement to others.  I am going to meet my new friend Jenni tomorrow, who met me from my blogpage.  For different reasons we are dependent on others, but our lives have meaning and we understand each other.

The best news that I can share today is that I have a copy of the first 10 minutes of my documentary.  I have been directing it, but it has lots of work to do yet.  However, I am so excited about this first part.  It gives me hope that it will be ready soon.  I can use it when I go and present to groups. It will help introduce me.  We are looking through many old photos, to find ones of me when I was younger for the still shots.  It will help with the script to have older photos.  Jennifer who is the young woman I chose to be my voice did a great job.  I love her voice.  My sister Leah said she always thought I had a deeper voice, if I could speak,  but I like the tone of Jennifers voice.  It is me!

I want to wish everyone  a wonderful New Year.

Much love,  Karly


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    Ashley said,

    Karly you have so much love and wisdom to share to the world. I feel so blessed and privileged to your friend! You have inspired my life in various ways i cannot explain. Thank you for sharing with us. I cannot wait to dance with you in a few weeks!

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