Thanks to the Internet

I have shared with you in the past, how amazed I am to have so many people interested in what I have to say. I have been getting more emails again from other families living with Rett Syndrome. I got an email this week from another Rett mom whose daughter is 21 years, and uses the same form of communication as I do. I am excited because they have never met another Rett girl that is able to communicate like we both do. I am excited because we are going to become email pals. With her ability to communicate with a keyboard, we are able to be friends, even though she lives in Oxford, England.

I have another friend that I would really like you to meet. Her name is Jenni and her blogpage is:

She and I have met through emails and would like to meet in person one day soon. She is an amazing young woman, who is able to do amazing things. She is able to attend college and requires assistance around the clock like I do. She uses a voice activated system to use her computer and has an incredible blog where she shares her views and life experiences. Even though our disabilities have different names, the end result is the same. I think you will find her blogpage very informative, and I would love to have you check it out.



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    Tara said,

    Hi Karly,
    I thought you and Grace should meet. We spend most of our time and energy raising money for Rett research to help you and Grace and all the girls and women who suffer from Rett Syndrome.

    As a mother of a four year old girl with RTT, it is amazing to read your thoughts and words. What you are doing is so important not just to families of RTT girls but to the world and you obviously realize that.

    Grace cries all the time and we don’t know how to help her other than offer comfort and keep working with doctors. All we can do for now is pray pray pray. If you could find time to pray for peace to enter into Grace’s heart, mind and body…it would be a gift from you because you are in her world.

    Stay strong and loud!!

    Love and Cheers,

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    Jenni Taylor said,


    Thanks for sharing my blog site to your readers. It is quite an honor to be introduced by you. Keep on writing because even though your nonverbal, you have a lot to say.

    Talk to you soon,


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