“My Pony, My Beau”

It was a great event yesterday. Many of my best friends and family came to support me and the other writers that presented. There were over 120 people that came to hear what those of us who live with a disability have to say. There were published authors and novices like me. The room was decorated so pretty for the holidays.  I was so eager to share my song because it took me 13 months to compose it. It is a song in honor of my miniature companion horse, Beau.

I can see his little feet moving and doing things that are amazing and sometimes naughty in this song. I want to have it played “mischieveously”.  He fits the dictionaries description of being “playfully naughty”. He’s very curious and is alwys looking for something to do. He wants to have us intereact with him. When we come home he runs to the fence and nickers at us. It’s fun to see how eager he is to interact with humans.

When my uncle came yesterday to put on new barn doors he made for Beaus barn, Beau was happy to help! He picked up my uncles’ glove and ran around the paddock with it. He was mouthing the drill and checking out the new door latch to see how it worked. He walked all over the old doors after they were taken down. He tried to push the new doors over while my uncle and Gregg were putting them up, so they had to block him from getting into the barn. So, as you can see, he is full of playful mischief!

The recording of this song is under “My Music”. It will be  professionally recorded in a studio this next year so I can have my first CD. It will have all 8 songs on it. The title is going to be, “In My Own Voice.”

Thanks to all my dear friends who came to support me yesterday. You are wonderful to me.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    it was such an honor to be there yesterday. I was so excited for you and I absolutely loved your new song. Greg did a beautiful job reading the Cruel Stare. Congrautlations on such a successful day!
    Love Sandy

  2. 2

    Bethany Crossley said,

    Karly, I am so happy for both you and Beau! I bet he will have a fun time in his remodelled barn…and I can’t wait to buy a copy of your cd! You are fabulous!

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