My Gratitude

When I read your comments I am so inspired. I had so many people read my writings this week. It seems that my story is helping people discover new things about how to interact with those of us who are non-verbal, but also it has helped people see themselves in a new way.

It gives me hope for my life that my experiences are helping others. The struggles that my family and I have had, seem somehow less of a burden today. It inspires us to hear your kind words and encouragement to continue writing. I have loved to think about what I can do in my life that can matter. I never dreamed that someone who is silent could have such a powerful effect. I am not taking much credit for my ability to write. I know God directed my Mom and I to this method of communication because He had a plan for me.

I am grateful that there are ways of connecting with the world that I never knew about until this year. It is because of my blog that I have a way to speak to the world. Thanks for hearing what I have to say.

I am so aware that there are many of us who live without being noticed because we have no easy way to form words that others can understand. It is because of this that I am able to continue writing in the privacy of my own home and help my friends all over the world who have been misjudged and overlooked. I am with all of you in spirit and I share your struggles. I don’t want you to think that everyday is hard.  It is a great time right now for my family.

Sometimes we create stuggles on our own and those are hard to bear. For those who live with struggles not of their choosing, it is a hard life. However, I sit here this morning feeling great joy and gratitude. The struggles my family has faced on my behalf are coming together into something very beautiful. I hope my story can become part of people’s hearts, and as a result, their actions.


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    Steve said,

    We have never met- and are unlikely to!
    I’m English but live here in Istanbul with my wife.
    Not always, but most weeks my wife and I tune in to Greg Boyd’s sermons. The church is very small here in Turkey so it is so good to get encouragement and good teaching online.
    Thank you for your courage in writing the blog and being so honest in the process. Also for giving permission for it to be uses in such a public forum.
    It was a real blessing to me and the whole preach, including your contribution, was a timely challenge to me and my lifestyle.


  2. 2

    Angela said,

    I am writing to you from Spain where we have served as missionaries for the past 15
    years. I also listen to Pastor Boyd’s sermons for encouragement and today I cannot tell
    you how much your openness and gifting in writing and music has blessed my life.
    Karly, the insight and creativity that God has blessed you with is amazing to me and it inspired and encouraged me to continue to strive to touch others where they are at;
    to offer more cups of cold water, and to learn from those God puts in my path so I can
    be more like Him. I am so grateful to God for your life and the insight God has given
    you to share with others. May He continue to strengthen you and your family as you continue in your music and writings.
    With Much Thankfulness,

  3. 3

    Jaakko said,

    Hey Karly,

    I am a missionary in my early twenties from Finland, and working in Hong Kong at the moment. I´ve been listening Woodland Hills´ podcast for years now to be challenged (which seems to work well since I left everything I had and moved to asia) and encouraged.
    I am touched and moved to see things through your writings. So I just wanna thank you for your courage to write honestly from your heart. It is a great gift for all of us who read.


  4. 4

    Nicky said,

    Hi Karly,

    I am writing from a little town in south east England called Colchester. It is the oldest recorded town in Britain. I often listen to Greg’s preaching on the internet. Today I am most challenged as I listened to your words. Thank you so much for sharing yourself in such a way. May God use you to open up the world weary hearts that read your words, to his love. You are right, we so need each other.

    God Bless you,

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