A Miracle Happened Yesterday

I have been so happy today because of what has taken place this weekend. On Friday, I received an email from our pastor Greg Boyd, asking if he could use some of my writing for a sermon he was preparing. He wanted to use “The Cruel Stare” to help with his message. It was so humbling to me because “The Cruel Stare” shared my experience from the previous week at church. It was a message that was not flattering to a church. I was pleased that Greg was open to reading my message and saw it fitting to help us as a church.

This may not be surprising to people who are used to being seen, but for me, someone who is non-verbal, this was an amazing event. He read the entire writing to the congregation out loud and as he read it I could hear crying around us. People rose to their feet to honor and support me and the message. Greg came to me and embraced me and asked me to forgive the church for the ways they have disregarded me and others who are in attendance every week. I don’t want you to think that our church is unfriendly to most people, but it is evident that the church is not much different than any other place I go in the community, where I am invisible or an object of curiosity.

However, my heart is so hopeful today because I know that people were touched by what I wrote, thinking it would only impact a few people who found my blogpage. To have it used for an audience of thousands is a miracle. I know that God was there. I saw it in the faces and the tears of the people who approached me and shared their thoughts with me. I am a stranger to them, but my experience helped God to have a way to touch their hearts and lives. When God is present people are moved to do and see things that they otherwise would not be aware of.



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    Sandy said,


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    Carmine Leone said,

    My name is Carmine I’m writing from Salt Lake City Utah. I listen to Greg’s weekly message online. I’m writing in tears as I just finished listening to Greg’s sermon from this past week. It lead me to your blog site. I felt lead to say I’m sorry to you and any other beautiful person that has ever felt lonely. I’m sorry that because I don’t know how to respond I take the easy path and avoid. I wanted you to know that because of you willingness to share your feelings, Sunday as I attend my church in Salt Lake, I’ll be looking for people like you. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven where we can all be “normal”.


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    Cher Ridout said,

    Hello Karly,

    ALLELUIA! First of all I’m sending a HUGE hug your way. I understand your concern. My 26 year old daughter fell down the stairs a year ago and suffered severe brain injury. Not only do you get the stares but the ignorance of those who do not treat you like a human being. A wonderful person put your link on our daughter’s website. I am so happy to have found your blog as you are an inspiration to our family who suffers from fatigue in taking care of her and dealing with the system. We just got her home recently after nearly a year of surgeries and hospital stays. We feel blessed to have her home with us and thank God everyday with her presence. In finding your blog, again we feel it is God’s way of giving us more strength. You are an amazing person. I can’t wait to go back in your blog to read more. Thank you for sharing your story for us and I hope to forward this to our church and many others. God has given you a great gift!


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    Andrea said,

    Hi Karly, I was not able to make it church last Sunday, but just got done watching it on-line. What you shared was so insightful and a truth that needed to be heard by many expessially myself. I want to say I am sorry. Your message was truly a wake up call. Thank you again Karly. God bless you and keep sharing your blogs. Your an inspiration.


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    Dan Endy said,

    I stumbled upon Greg Boyd’s web page from another website and downloaded the podcast because it sounded interesting and was rocked to the core. I have realized there are things in my own life that must change in order that others may feel welcome in the kingdom. Thanks. Much thanks. I’ll b following your blog. I am thankful for your courage.

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    Dear Karly,

    Thank you for your courage and your writing. I’m listening to Greg’s sermon that included your blog and your story. I am living in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I teach part-time at a local Christian college. I have had a long struggle with my own writing, but God keeps reminding me that I have to keep pushing. Keep trying. Your words are another reminder.

    I sometimes allow my own “difference” as an excuse to stay silent. I want to fade into the background, go unnoticed. People stare at me too and I feel like I’m standing out everywhere I go. Sometimes I want to be invisible and not deal with the questions, conversations, and judgments that I encounter simply because I live in a black body and my life has taken me into a very white world that is unaccustomed to my presence. It sometimes can be draining. I sometimes makes me want to stay at home. It often makes me miss my old home where there were many colors and languages and ways of being all around me.

    Be encouraged, Kaly. And know that God has given you great gifts to share. Your writing is one of many gifts, to be sure. God multiplies His love through you. May your joy abound.

    Angi K

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