Taking Time to Remember

I am amazed by how many people have read my last posting. It is hard to be honest about things like that because people see themselves sometimes. I don’t want to scare people off. I want others to imagine what it is like to receive unkind looks.

I am not in a day program like many of my other classmates who graduated with me. I was so sad when I was in a program with adults with high physical limitations. It didn’t allow me to pursue my dreams, so I spend a lot of time in our community trying to find a place to walk with my walker, trying to find other adults who like to write, paint and share music.

I am not sheltered in a program that has walls that keep others from viewing me. It seems many typical people are not used to seeing adults who are dependent in our community unless it is the mall. I don’t go to the mall. I don’t like shopping all the time. It is not my dream. Other adults cannot always share that they don’t really like walking around Wal-mart or going to the bowling place. I like to bowl if I have a friend to hang out with, but it’s to be with my friend, not because I am disabled and like to bowl.

I hope soon to have other adults like me to do things with. I have to walk in the hospital halls when it is cold or wet because there is no good place for me to walk. I want to have a committed group of people to get together with and share life. I hope I can do this and live at home with my family. It seems like a lot of people have to live in a group home to have friends. I find that sad.

I want to be in my community with my family and have friends too. I don’t think people like me are seen often enough in our communities, so we are objects of curiosity rather than neighbors and friends.


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    I appreciate your honesty and condidness. You are an inspiration to me today and I am thankful. I was born with Cerbal Palsy. I fought so hard to “overcome” my Cerebal Palsy that anger grew inside. I fought so hard to “overcome” my Cerebal Palsy that I became arrogant. I hope you continue your work (writing) and live strong. Keep the sunshine on your life because the unlight passages are way too cruel. If I lived in Texas I would be proud to call you a friend. Gregorio Roth

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