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I am so excited about what happens when someone really cares about those of us who don’t often get noticed for the right reasons. I am sitting in the paddock this morning with my mom and horse Beau. As usual he is eager to see us and can’t keep his mouth from being busy. He is eager to explore things with his mouth. I guess it’s not surprising he is my horse, because I have always chewed on things since I can remember. He loves the keys on my keyboard, my bandana and just being close. It is inspiring to write in the paddock.  Writing outside helps me focus.

This morning has been so exciting because a woman named Judy has been eager to find a way to include me in her writing and art programs. There are other adults all over the world who like me, are overlooked because no one has taken the time to help them express who they are. It takes more time for me to expose my talents because my physical body has its’ own plan.

If I were free to share myself easily I know I would be a writer and a composer independent of the support necessary to express myself now. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish with the support of many people. My Mom has worked so hard to help me share who I am. My life would not be anything I would be proud of if my Mom hadn’t worked so hard on my behalf.

I want to honor my sister as well.  She has started teaching a a college in Ohio. She is also a musician and a writer. She was home last week and so fun to be with . I love her.

It has changed everything about my life to have the ability to share this with you today. No one has so little to say that they should live their lives in silence. Thank you for hearing my words.



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    Sandy said,

    I am always eager to hear your words, your insights and your wisdom. Your words always touch my soul! I wouldn’t be surprised if you added minister to writer and composer! I am so glad you are able to touch so many lives in so many ways! You are beautiful!!

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