I am sitting on my couch at home, listening to my mom and sister practicing piano and viola for a family wedding.  It is hard to have our vacation over – I looked forward to it for so long.  One of my favorite parts to our trip were the burros that came up to our van looking for treats. There were so many of them eating our buns that the other people were taking pictures of our van. The baby burros were making funny faces with their lips moving fast.


I have never seen buffalo before. They were mostly ignoring us, but one of them was running in between cars on the road, and that got us very excited. He was huge! It looked like he could push over a car. It was fun to see him. I love the winding roads through the mountains. Gregg carried me out of our vehicle so we could get a picture together. It was fun and scary because the hill behind us was very steep and very long. The picture was by a tunnel that could only have room for one car at a time.  People were honking as we were getting our picture because they didn’t want to get stuck in the tunnel with another car. It was exciting.

I have many memories from our trip. The best part was, we did it!! It was not easy, but we did an impossible thing. I can’t wait to go somewhere again. It was something I will never forget.


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    Sandy said,

    What little beggars they are!!

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