Everyday Olympics

I love to watch the olympics. It is so inspiring to hear their stories. I think my favorite events are gymnastics and running. I want to tell everyone that my heroes are not the ones that make it to the olympics in China, but the ones who in their own way struggle to acheive their own personal goals everyday. They are not noticed by most of the world for their acheivements because they happen in the privacy of their own homes and lives. If the world knew what it takes for many of us to walk and communciate, eat independently and in my case even to breathe, we would have a huge audience cheering for us.

I have had more seizures than usual lately, so it has been very difficult to write. It often takes me 2 days to recover completely. I have been told that seizures take as much energy from our bodies as running a marathon does. Sometimes I am so exhausted I can’t lift my head. In spite of all that I still have the desires of everyone else to acheive my personal goals. I’m moving ahead with the documentary. I hope to be filmed today riding a horse named Rebel at my friends’ house.  I continue to try and stir up interest for an arts program in our community. I love hearing from people in response to my blog entries. It has made me so happy to hear how much my sharing has helped families all over the world. Please check out my new page of questions and answers and my picture of me typing with my Mom. I hope to add one of my songs to my page soon.



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    funkyhammer said,


    Givin’ you a standing “O” from across town and the computer wires. Attempting to throw verbal water on you as you run your marathon. 🙂

    Lookin’ forward to your documentary!…and your songs on this site…..even sweeter! 😉

  2. 2

    Stephanie Stearns said,


    YOU are an amazing young lady! I am so very happy that you have started this blog, and I’ve shared it with my daughter’s (who is 7 and has Rett) teacher. I so hope her teacher has read your blog and is sharing this information with my daughter’s therapists! School starts again in a few days. I think I will follow up and ask her if she’s had a chance to visit your site to see just how amazing you are. I read your blogs often, but I’ve only written a few times. I will definately try to write more often since I now know how very important it is to you. My daughter hasn’t learned how to type or anything yet, but I do tell her every day how amazing she is, how beautiful she is, and how much we love her, and how happy we are to have her!! You can see Emily and her family under “Photos” as well as “My Albums” at the following link: http://web.mac.com/sstearnslms

    Love to you and your family,

    Stephanie Stearns

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