After a Seizure

I’m here today recovering from a seizure from yesterday. I’m still weary. I wanted to share what it feels like to recover from a seizure. I can go for weeks without one, and then I have a few in a short time. It is so frustrating for me, because I want to have a lot of activity during the day. If I can’t get out of bed, I am really sad. I don’t like to live in bed! It’s not fun for me.

I know there are many who have more seizures than I do. It is so much better for me because I am not having them everyday. The thing I want to tell is seizures are not scary for me. I know they frighten others when they see them, but for me, I don’t remember. If I knew when I was going to seizure and I could communicate to someone, I would like that. I’m told that most of my seizures happen at night. It is not often that they come during the day.  I am excited that I feel better, but today I am struggling with apnea.

I am going to wrap this up, go out on the deck and hang with Beau. He is learning some new tricks. I will tell you about them soon. We have a new camera, so I will try to post some new photos soon.



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    Bethany said,

    I love you Karly! Thanks for sharing your perspective on seizures. It is very helpful to those of us who watch our loved ones suffer through them! I know it’s gotta be frustrating that they can take so much out of a day (or out of one’s night of sleep) but you carry on with much patience!

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