If the world only knew

I am so incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to share in a way that is safe for me but has such a huge audience.  I am so excited to share with you today that even though my posts have been serious the response to them has been amazing to me.  I feel I owe it to my silent friends in this world to share my experiences, because even though we are all different, the human experience of living without a verbal voice is a painful and challenging one.  Thanks for hanging in there with me as I share some of my experiences of living in a silent body.  I am amazed at the beautiful responses I have received in only two weeks of starting my blog. 

Today I want to focus on giving dignity to those who are overlooked.  If the world only knew what we see, experience, feel, and understand, they would be very convicted by their actions and words.  I want you to know what my friend Bill Stillman says about assuming intellect, not just in people who appear intelligent and can carry on powerful conversations with you but for those even who are labeled like me to be “profoundly retarded.”  I think we will all find out one day that there is really very little difference between all of us.  We are all amazing humans living in a physical world.  God made all of us with spirits and souls and physical bodies.  Some of our bodies give us great pain and suffering even, but God is loving all of us.  I believe He is especially close to those of us who through no fault of our own struggle in this life.  If you want a profound experience with God, get close to one of His children who are not often seen by humanity. 

When we assume intellect we give as much care about what we say around someone who is nonverbal as we do in talking to a best friend.  If my mom had believed what all the professionals said about me for most of my life I wouldn’t have opportunity to share today.  If she had believed that I was “profoundly retarded” like she was told the tests determined she would not have given me opportunities that have enriched my life.  I ask you to consider what you would do differently if the person you know, love, or work with really is capable of understanding all.  You would be changed and so would they.  It is not an impossible task to just believe in someone.  Why is it that typical people are encouraged to develop themselves, speak their minds, and allowed to fulfill their dreams, but those who are silent are left to do the tasks that no one would choose intentionally for themselves?  I would still be working on some of the goals that were expected of me as a young girl of sorting shapes and matching colors dozens of times over, if my mom and a wonderful teacher who believed in me hadn’t put a stop to that awful existence. 

These things may be hard to hear but I beg of you to consider them.  What do you have to lose?  You will gain the respect, love, and powerful connection to the very soul of another human who isn’t heard with your ears. 



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    Mark the Spark said,

    I’m sort of emotional anyway, but you really are making my Friday. I’m the photographer that worked with you when we did the EasyStand shoot. Remember me? I am also a musician and writer and I really enjoy your little stories. (blog is such a crude word, who created that word anyway?) Once a a trade show I tired a unit where camera followed my pupil and I could spell words by simply looking at the letters. How do you type? I have not even found a typo yet! God bless you (and keep using your stander!)

    Mark, the EasyStand guy with the Nikon D200

  2. 2

    John said,

    I have only had the opportunity to meet you very briefly, but have heard many great things about you from your mom and greg in our covenant group. I want to tell you how touched, and unfortunately how convicted I feel after reading the words in your blog today. I quite frankly have not realized how difficult it must be for you, as well as others that are presented with the physical challenges that you face. I think a lot of people in our society get so busy with the “details” of daily life that they minimize the value, or just outright take for granted, the connections and communications with others, that you do not have a chance (until now, praise god) to have. We all run around and take for granted that we can just pick that part of our lives up whenever we feel like it, and we overlook the value that comes with those connections by choice! I guess we know who the ones are that people SHOULD be calling profoundly retarded, now don’t we 🙂 I am so happy however, that you have found a way to have that connection, and hope that it brings you everything that you hoped it would. I look forward to reading more about you in your future posts!
    God Bless,

  3. 3

    tammyrose1 said,

    Hi Karly,
    Thank you for posting your feelings, this is very interesting to read. I’m wondering if you would considering doing a blog on your relationship with Beau and how you feel about him and how he interacts with you and makes you feel. You have allot to share with people Karly!

  4. 4

    Missy said,

    Hi Karly,

    Your words are very enlightening. I know I am far more aware because
    of them. You have so much to say that would have been a real shame to remain within the confines of yourself. Thank God for your Mom and her insight! She knew she had a hidden treasure all along.
    I would like to see your writings go beyond the confines of your blog. I think you could teach people a lot about themselves and the other people we share the planet with.

    Your neighbor,


  5. 5

    Robb Boyd said,

    Hi Karly! Your blog is great idea. I have been so thrilled to watch you grow up into the fine young woman that you are. Mary and I are in London right now for a little trip, but looking forward to getting back home in Missouri. One of these days we’ll be in Minn – and be able to see you. All the best. (Hi to your mom and sis.) Robb

  6. 6

    Kandice Dickinson said,

    Hi Karly-

    My sister Marcell Warren sent me a link to your blog, and I have really enjoyed reading all of your entries. I do not know what it is like to be you – of course – but I live in a body that stays sick and forces me to be in bed most of the time and I know that the body’s limitations are no fun – I wish that you didn’t know this fact so well! What a wonderful soul you have, and a beautifully articulate way of expressing yourself. I look forward to regularly reading what you write!
    Kandice Dickinson

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