When I’m Afraid

I want to say today that I am so sad because my best friend is leaving. I am not going to say a lot about that because I understand she needs to go and help her beloved family. What I want to tell you is I am not able to find friends easily. I am so alone without a friend to communicate with. My mom and another friend are the only ones who have made an effort to fully communicate with me. 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to meet someone and be expected to accept their presence in the bathroom while you are doing what you need to do in there and be comfortable with it?  It is something that adults and children who are dependent experience countless times in their lives. When others are unaware of the impact that has on our privacy and dignity, it hurts even more. If I have a caregiver that I trust, I am so grateful. It is profoundly sad when they leave. They are not easily replaced. I don’t want to assume that everyone who is dependent feels like I do, but my guess is that most do. Most people are with us because they need an income.

My friend who is leaving was not so. I love her, and I am so sad to say goodbye. She is our family. I need to find a great person.


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    Marcell said,

    Sorry about the separation from your friend that is coming up. You are so right that true friends are not so easily replaced. I hope your new ‘home’ in blog “world” will be a little help – I know it can’t replace your friend in the ‘real’ world. I’ll be praying that you find just the best, most wonderful new person to fit in your life.

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    Greg Boyd said,


    Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us in on your life. I deeply appreciate your honesty
    and vulnerability. You have so much to teach us. Speak out!


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    Sandy said,

    Oh Karly,
    I am very sad to hear someone so close to you is leaving. That must be very very hard. You know, my husband says things always happen for a reason ( and he is rarely wrong) – Let us hope that her leaving means that God, in his mysterious way, is making room for a new someone special that is supposed to enter your life. If you have taught me anything, it is to persevere and the right things will come to you!
    When you are sad, do what I do – give your horse an extra hug and some carrots – it always seems to help balance my world!

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    Nick K said,

    Hi. I have Tourette syndrome and autism. My mom knows your mom. I can talk and write but there are many things I can’t do either. I had brain surgery and had electrodes put in my brain a year ago to help me move better. It has helped. I am almost 19 years old. I love music. I listen to and collect all kinds of music. I hope you will write to me. I email and text message my friends. Last month I sent over 2700 text messages! My Mom about had a cow! But it is ok because we have unlimited text messages with our phone plan. Have a good day and write back if you have time. Nick

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